How We Got Started

January 26, 2019

Sparkling Clean Services located in Lawton, Oklahoma, began as a company on January 28, 2015. And, they just celebrated their fourth successful year in business.

Paul & Colleen Pope are the owners of the company. Having retired from their careers they soon realized that they need something to keep them busy and occupied.

Paul was in the financial services industry for some thirty years.  He has owned and operated several successful businesses in California and Oklahoma.

Colleen was a successful interior decorator for many years and the current mainstay of the company.  Colleen oversees the client accounts and staffing for Sparkling Clean.

Lawton became a destination for retirement because Paul grew up here as an Army brat. So it was familiar territory and a reprieve from the fast-paced California lifestyle.

So why the cleaning business? After extensive research, the couple determined that the demographics saw a great need for cleaning services.

More and more families, couples, individuals and business are overwhelmed with their lifestyles and time is at a premium. So, why not provide a service that will allow them to get back more of that freedom.

So, the cleaning service was born. From that point, we established several cornerstone principles that would determine our future success and principles.

First and foremost we wanted a company that was professional. We wanted to provide insurance and protection to our customers.

And, make sure the security of our clients were protected. We did this by making sure we did background checks and character references.

Secondly, we had to offer a service that was affordable for our clients. Moreover, we wanted to provide a quality service.