Move Out Cleaning Tips

February 5, 2019

Know What Your Landlord Expects From You

There are several things you need to know when you are moving out of your home or apartment.

First, understand what your landlord expects from you. You may be selling your home, renting your home or returning a rental property to the landlord.

Each person has a different requirement for how they want the property returned. Most of the time it is spelled out in a contract that you signed when you entered into the agreement.

In our area, we have plenty of military service personnel who are moving out of government quarters or pcs, ing. Better known as clearing quarters.

Here is a link to Corvais move out guide for the military. Corvais is the property management company for a majority of military housing.

Just an aside, do your homework before you rent. Google the realtor or property management company to find out what others are saying about their handling of deposits, repairs, etc.

Selling Your Home

When you are selling your home, you want the house to be in spectacular shape so that you can maximize your appearance and selling price. So, don’t short yourself on a thorough cleaning.

You will want a deep clean from top to bottom. From ceiling fans to baseboards, appliances, window sills, cabinets; everything. A clean home shows much better than a dirty home.

Moreover, if you are renting or living in quarters, there is probably a predetermined checklist that the property manager will utilize during the inspection.

Property managers and inspections tend to be very detailed. Again, do not short yourself on the cleaning effort if you are looking to move out without any liabilities or get a deposit returned.

For government quarters there is a detailed inspection list that is properly inspected on the day of your move out. As with all government facilities, there are no shortcuts. (See Our Corvais Guide )

Bottom line in most every move out cleaning, make sure you find a company that will do a good job. One that has an established reputation that you can check online and verify.

Why We Require A Preview of Your Property

Too many times we hear horror stories of customers who hire individuals to clean their homes and it takes them forever and they short their services.

We have cleaned hundreds and hundreds of homes so we know how long it takes to finish a job. We always bring in a crew of people to complete a job and finish it typically in a half day or less.

At Sparkling Clean, we always require a preview with the client so we can understand their cleaning needs. This is documented in a punch list for the client so that we can give an accurate price for our services and we can do a walk through with the customer at the end.

This ensures that you are getting everything that you pay for and that you asked for on your preview.

And, if you own a cleaning company this is a good policy. When we first began our business, we booked several move-out house cleanings without looking at the property first. Big mistake.

You quote a good price based on the description of the property given by the customer. But, unfortunately, that description is relative. Clean to one person is totally disgusting to another.

So, if someone quotes you a price over the phone without looking at the property, beware! This could backfire for you and the cleaner. It just makes good sense to have a preview of your home before it is cleaned.

For more information, you can contact Sparkling Clean Services, located in Lawton, Oklahoma at (580) 699-2486 or go online to their FREE QUOTE link to inquire about our move out services.